"TAXPAYERS" ALLIANCE OF THE PHILIPPINES INC. is an association registered with the securities and exchange Commission and with the office address at Unit 706 ortigas Building, Ortigas ave., Cor. Meralco ave.

This is an association that will:

  • Serve as an ALLY of every Taxpayers in the Philippines.
  • Promote and motivate faithful compliance of taxpayers with their tax obligation in order to support the proper functioning of our democratic Government.
  • Promote public interest through advocacy that protects taxpayers’ right and equitable tax burdens; promote efficiency in government and the principles of fairness, honesty and transparency in governance
  • Conduct studies and make compilation of different tax laws in the Philippines including internal revenue code, circulars, rulings, memorandum, regulations, and resolutions duly promulgated by competent authority and to acquaint the members of the association with the aforementioned laws as may be necessary in carrying their businesses.               
  • Engage and to undertake activities which are needed in the accomplishment of the Association’s purposes such as but not limited to Socio-economic projects and undertakings for the benefit of the members in particular and for the Philippine taxpayers in general.
  • Protect and promote the legal rights of taxpayers, including provisions of mobilization of legal assistance in tax related cases.
  • Promote honest, clean, and effective governance and encourage a supportive citizenry.
  • See to it that the right of the government to levy and / or collect revenues is duly enforced and the right and privileges of the taxpayers are equally protected.
  • Contribute to the development of the country and the welfare of the people.